About Us

           We are made up of 3 highly motivated college graduates striving to make a statement with our brand and reach into every walk of life to inspire all we encounter. Live Alive was formed in a study room in the library at Eastern Michigan University followed by many sleepless nights, hard work, and dedication. 

           To us, Live Alive is more than just a brand. It’s a lifestyle. Living alive means to be YOU! Not what the world wants you to be. Take the risks you want to take, go the places you want to go, study what you want to study. Life is out there for the taking, go after it. Go all in. Life can be altered in the smallest ways, but can be summarized with one thing; Live Alive.

Bryan Miscovich


           Born and raised out of the greater Detroit area in Michigan, but a beach bum at heart, he has great work ethic, perseverance, and a strong drive for success. Bryan demonstrates his ability to Live Alive by traveling around the world surfing waves and indulging in foreign cultures.

          "While I was growing up and especially once I started going to college, I noticed that a lot of people are more concerned with going through the motions of life and living up to the pressure that is placed on us. We need to go to school so we can get a job, only live our lives by working to pay bills. This causes people to miss out on so much more and everything life has to offer. It is my biggest fear to wake up one day regretting the things that I didn't do and the risk that I didn't take. How would my life have been affected? What could I have gained from that experience that I didn’t receive? All of these questions shouldn't have to be asked. Just because you are alive, does not mean you are living. I make it my goal to take every opportunity available, and go into everything I do with a full heart and open mind. You never know what moment, what decision, or what risk could change your life."


Marcel Sams


           Representing his hometown of the Chicago Cubs, Marcel brings his creativity, optimism, and diligence to the Live Alive family. Marcel demonstrates his ability to Live Alive through his love for travel and hooping every chance he gets.  

Kelvin Williams


           Coming out of Ecorse, Michigan, Kelvin brings his commitment, versatility, and venturous lifestyle to the team. Kelvin Lives Alive by waking up every single day viewing it as a new opportunity to learn and/or a new adventure to explore.

"Always end the day with a positive thought. No matter how hard things were, tomorrow's a fresh opportunity to make it better"


Mission Statement

          Live Alive is a clothing brand venturing out to inspire all with a sense of pride in your everyday life. From at home, school, or out experiencing all that the world has to offer, take advantage of every given moment. Live Alive.

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